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Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to life’s track

Hey guys, how are you all? I am back to work after a weekend. Well nothing is so happening about me weekend as it is only about a Sunday, which is termed as a weekend for my organisation. That all, we work 24/7 and 365 days in a year and reach nowhere. The management just gets some sort of evil pleasure in doing so. Anyways, I am not blogging to crib about my crap organisation. That a part of life and we all have to work to get our daily bread and butter.
I feel tired and exhausted like this cute Taz. While I was in college I always wanted to earn to make out my expenses and to say out proudly that "I am working". Now that its been close to 3 years since I am working I feel "This is not what I wanted" :( Not that I dont enjoy my work, I do and that too from my heart. But something is bothering me. I don't know what? 

For me working is not all about bread and butter, its just much more than that. I have to satiate my inner self that I am doing something in my life that makes sense to me. Yes, I love everything about my work, though not the people out here. I know everyone out there will have some such story to share with you. Every boss loves to suck the most out of his employee to ensure that they get every inch of the salary they offer to us. And, we try to waste as much time as we can at office to make sure we have great time hanging around. However, not all can be lucky enough for it.   

I am yearning for a long holiday as I feel sleep and happiness deprived working up to my organisations expectations. The saddest part is that i had to cut short my 15 days long holiday to 5 days due to some work emergency. L  Sob! Sob! L Now only god knows when will I ever get time for myself and go for and outing to ensure that all the stress and exhaustion stuffed in me is completely thrown out.

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