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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tips for bulge-free shaving

Good morning, all you ladies. Hope the weekend is coming great for you. So what are your plans for tomorrow? If you ask me the same question, I would rather tell sadly that, “I am working!!” Well, it seems winters have finally visited us. The mornings are so cool these days that I hate stepping out of my bed. The chilling season brings along a number of skin issues. 

Thankfully, my oily skin behaves well and if someday I forget to apply moisturiser to my skin it doesn’t make a difference. However, such things hardly happen as I make it a point to carry moisturisers with me while stepping out of my home.

Moisturising and hydrating your skin is a must. It keeps your skin healthy and free of any skin woes. It is always easy to shave a moisturised and hydrated skin unlike dried skins. Shaving off body hair is generally the last option for hair removal that I resort to. It is only during those utmost emergencies when I suddenly have some conference at work or have to attend a function post office that I get rid of my body hair with razors.   

However, I repent for such days as razors not only give you ingrown hairs but also make your skin dry. So, all you ladies, today I will share with you some tips to avoid such painful bumps on your skin post shaving.
  • Moisturise your skin:

Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise!! It is very essential to moisturise your skin before a razor hair removal session. If you are aware that you will be shaving the next day then heavily moisturise your skin using a good moisturiser or some rich body oil. This will make your skin smooth and supple next morning.     
  • Soak your skin:

I would always suggest to carry out your shaving session in bath as you body gets completely drenched in the process make it simpler. It is very important to soak you skin in warm water before using a razor. This will help water to penetrate into your skin and make it soft.
  • Prep your razor:

This is another important step to be carried out. Keep your razor soaked in luke warm water before using it.
  • Apply soap or shower gel:

While your razor is being soaked, pamper your wet skin with lather from soap or shower gel and wash off the area you will be shaving. Do this twice to clean the part and make it ready for the session.
  • Ready to shave:
Now that your skin is ready to shave, use your razor and take medium strokes in the direction of hair growth. Longer strokes increase the chances of cuts so be careful.
  • Never swipe twice:

Always remember never to swipe any area with razor twice. If you are not happy with the hair removal of your one leg for instance then complete you next leg before giving it a second touch. Waiting will give time to your skin to breathe.
  • Moisturise again:  

After you have washed off your body, wipe it off with a towel. Now, again heavily moisturise your freshly shaved skin. This will keep your skin soft and free from any rashes.

These steps may seem tedious, but trust me ever since I have been following them I don’t complain of bumpy skin post shave. Moisturising is the key to soft, supple and healthy skin. So never ever think of skipping this step even though you don’t have dry skin.   

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