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Friday, October 26, 2012

Increase the staying power of your eyeliner! How?

The harsh sun, pollution, sweat and your oily skin can be your eye makeup’s biggest enemy. Even the best of Eye makeup cannot stay if you don’t succeed in fighting these elements. If you are one like me with very oily skin and over oily eyelids then, you must know the pain of seeing your eyeliners vanishing into corners with the ending day.
There would be hardly any eyeliner brand left in the market, which promises to give long lasting power and I haven’t tried it. But all in vain, till I started to follow this technique to increase the lasting power of my eye liner.
  • Clean your face:

It is very essential to clean your face well before applying any makeup to it, especially eyes. Applying makeup over unclean eyelids can lead to itching and rubbing which can spoil your eye makeup. If you have very dry skin then don’t forget to moisturise them.   

  • Use a good eye primer:

Eye primer not only brightens eyeshadows but also increases the lasting power of your eye makeup. There are number of eye primers available in the market, but unfortunately in India we get it at higher price. You can also make a primer at home and believe me its simple and effective. Here are is the tutorial to make an eye primer at home.
  • Prefer crème eyeshadow:

The latest available crème eyeshadows are from Maybelline, yes I am talking about the color tattoo range. They are excellent ones for oily eyelids as they really last long and has worked for me.  If your budget permits then go for MAC Paint pots. They are excellent as well.
  • Invest in a good gel liner:

If you don’t prefer eye shadows then you can simply dab on some loose powders to your eyelids before proceeding. I have a variety of gel liners, which include all three Maybelline range (available in India), three from some Dubai brand (can’t recall the name) and the latest from tips and toes (Read the review here). I must say the gel liner from Tips and Toes works the best for me. I doesn’t budge till I want to remove it. Even the Maybelline Drama gel liner faded after 5 hours but the Tips and toes Gel liner is simply awesome for the price. It just cost Rs 250, isn’t that awesome.
  • Seal your eyeliner:

I don’t need to do this for my Tips and Toes Gel liner. But for other ones, I seal the liner by dabbing on some eyeshadow of the color matching your eyeliner after applying this. This will not only lengthen the lasting power of the liner but also give a subtle smudged look to your eyes making it look more attractive. Use this technique for your waterline as well and see the magic it creates.

I hope this tips worked for you. Have a nice day. If you have any more tips please feel free to share with me. I would love to learn from you. 


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  2. great tips! following u now via gfc and facebook..would like it if you check my blog :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Avantika. Ya sure I will visit your blog..


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