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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homemade recipe to make peel-off mask

Hello, All my beauties. Hope the week is going great for you all. For me it was quite low as I was not keeping well during the weekend and took this week’s first half to recover myself. 
Today, that I am feeling quite better, I decided to get back to my blog and pen down something. 

This week, we lost two great personalities, Yash Chopra and Jaspal Bhatti. Both came as a surprise to me, as I have been seeing Yash Ji on screen with a smile and his bald head with white hairs for so long. Little did I know that he would be 80 year old? May be this was the reason why his news of death came as a total shock to me.

Life and death are never under anyone’s control, we can just rant and crib about the loss. And after some them move on with life. Such is life, right friends!!

Anyways today I will be sharing with you another tip to make a homemade skin peel. After a week of illness, my skin was behaving too bad. All the pills that I had popped inside my mouth to get well has come out in the form of small boils on my face. Also the fever has made my skin dull and lack lustred.

I dreaded looking at myself in the mirror. I just couldn’t stop wondering what few days of illness has done to my skin. Though I was not fully recovered, I had to do something to make my skin somewhat better.  

That’s when I decided to make use of my homemade beauty recipes to brighten my skin.

Things you will need:

  • Cornflour

For those who don’t know, corn flour is used in number cosmetic products. When applied to skin it helps to pacify skin rashes as well as irritations. It is said to offer temporary relief from chicken pox.
  • Egg white

Egg is an essential home remedy for both skin and hair. Egg whites when used as a facial mask give you tighter and firmer skin.

NOTE: It causes allergy to some people, hence if you experience itching after its application then please wash it off and avoid using this ingredient.  
  • Turmeric powder

Turmeric not only reduces skin pigmentation but also evens out your skin tone. It also effectively condenses the appearance of acne and other ageing marks. It is ideal to be used as body scrub to reduce stretch marks.
  • Orange Juice (carrot juice will also work)

We all are aware of the Vitamin C richness in Oranges, which a reason which the fruit is good for your skin. It improve your skin texture and color.

How to make?

Make a thick paste by adding 3 tea spoonful of orange juice to 3 tablespoon corn flour. Make sure there are no lumps left. Now add one egg white and blend it well. Finally mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to this mixture. Blend it well to get thick slimy paste. Your homemade facial peel-off mask is ready.

How to apply homemade skin peel?

There is a special technique of applying this mask. Firstly clean your face with cold water and dry it with a tissue. Now apply the mix to your face thickly just like film coating. Avoid the area surrounding your eyes. Let it dry, but not very dry. Now the mask is ready to be rolled out using fingers. Ensure that you are not too hard on your skin and just don’t rub this mask off.

To make this step easier you can place an open tissue after applying the paste to your face. Once the mask has medium dry, peel it off.  The peel would be somewhat wet and give you a slimy feel during the removal process. Apply some orange juice to your skin and allow it to settle on your face for another 10 mins, then wash it off.

You will see a soft glow in your skin. You must take care that for 3 days after using this mask, you don’t step much in sun. Apply light cold cream or moisturisers to your face. This homemade peel-off mask can be applied one of two times in a month. 


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  2. Thats so sweet of you Smitha... I will surely visit your blog..


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