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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tips to tightline your eyes

I have been using this trick since my college days but I never knew this technique was referred to as “Tightlining”. It gives your eyes a widen look making it look bigger and specific. This trick can work well for people with small eyes and also for once who are bad with eyeliner application.  

Applying eyeliner, especially a liquid liner to small eyes can be a tedious procedure. Unless you are a pro in using liner, it is not easy to get a clean application. Tightlining can be done easily with proper instruction and tools; moreover you can incorporate this technique in your daily makeup routine.

There are various ways to tightline your eyes but practice will make this procedure easy for you.  

How to tightline your eyes?

  • Prime your eyes using an eyeprimer you prefer or just dab on some loose powder to ensure you eye lids don’t get oily.
  • Take a kajal pencil or any kajal that you prefer. Place the tip of the kajal on you lower water line and close your eyes and sweep the kajal tip to the other end of your eye without opening them (same like you apply surma kajal).
  • This step applies khol to your lower and upper waterline at the same time.
  • Another way of applying kajal to only your upper water line is by lifting your upper eye lid with your one hand and slowly sweeping the kajal across the water line.
  • Doing this procedure using a gel liner gives best result as you can have a good control over the liner brush ensuring the liner doesn’t get transferred to your upper eye lid.  
  • You can follow your regular makeup routine after this.

Preferred Products to tightline eyes:

  • Surma kajal that comes with stick

  • Retractable pencil liner. For eg. Colossal by Maybelline and Lakme Eyeconic
  • Soft kohl
  • Gel liner with soft brush that dont sting your eyes. For eg. Maybelline Drama Gel Liner  

This will take less than a minute to be done once you get a hang of it. Hope these tips work well for you and you can get attractive eyes that you craved for in no time.



Thanks for Going through the post. I Hope this was helpful

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