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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Go Bananas this winter :)

Banana, the yellow colored fruit is a favourite of many people. The one’s whom I know and top the list includes My Mr. Pati and my sweet sister. They both just love this fruit to the T. I mean I too enjoy having banana but such a fantasy for this fruit is something strange to me. But since I have been seeing my sissy craving for banana all these years, my husband’s love for this fruit was not so novice for me.
We all know the health benefits that banana possesses but there are lots which most of you don’t. The yellow colored fruit is a stockroom of numerous vital nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, dietary fibre as well as B vitamins. This is one of the most easily available fruit in India available at cheap prices that too all around the year.

There are number of ways to incorporate this fruit in our daily lives. Either add sliced bananas over an boring oatmeal or blend it into a milk shake, bananas are just tasty to be eaten daily.

Here are some great reasons to add bananas in your daily diet:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure:

The abundance of potassium in bananas has the potential to lower one's blood pressure. High blood pressure can be risky and can lead to atherosclerosis, heart attack as well as stroke. This means adding banana to your daily diet will lower the chances of these problems.
  • Regulates bowel system:

I remember my dad forcing me to have bananas every night after dinner. Now I know the reason for this, the potassium in bananas relieve the body from constipation at the same time assist your body to restore regular digestion.
  • Gives healthy bones:

Besides reducing blood pressure, potassium avoids weakening of your bones. How great is that? You no more need to pop in calcium tablets for healthy bones just have a banana every day and keep all your bony issues at bay. Research says that excessive sodium intake can lead to loss of excessive calcium through the urine. This can be a great threat to your bone’s health and also affects blood clotting, proper muscle contraction along with normal functioning of nervous system. The potassium in banana defuses the sodium amount in your diet, thus retaining the calcium in the body.
  • Reduce menstrual pains:

Ladies, you are gonna love banana for this. It reduces menstrual pains and cramps. The fruit is rich in anti-cramping nutrients, such as vitamin B6. The potassium in bananas also helps reduce water retention.
  • Reduces intestinal irritation:

The yellow skinned fruit not only aids digestion but also protect your stomach’s healthy constitution. They mainly trigger the mucus production in stomach, which serve as a protective barrier against acids in stomach.  
  • Reduces desire to smoke:

The nutrients in banana reduce the urge to smoke. Hence people looking out to quit smoking can take aid of bananas.
  • Helps to retain and gain weight:

Being a caloric dense fruit, having just one banana anytime in a day is enough to makes you feel energetic. Having banana shake every morning in breakfast will help you improve your weighty issues. Great news for ones who want to gain weight.  

Besides the above mentioned qualities, the fruit also reduces depression. Its iron richness makes it an ideal food for anaemic patients. Moreover, rubbing a banana peel on mosquito bites reduces itching.

The fruit also has numerous beauty benefits. I will soon write a post throwing light on skin benefits of banana and its uses.    

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