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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to keep your makeup brushes clean?

Thinking of makeup without good brushes is simply impossible. Brushes make the entire makeup procedure simple and convenient. But how many of you really wash and sanitize the makeup brushes before using them. I suppose very few of you clean the makeup brushes and I am sure some might not even know that they can be washed (my little sister was astonished when I told her that brushes can be washed). I know it sounds strange but is true.

The bristles of makeup brushes are main breeding place for bacteria and so are puffs. This means that if you are using those bacteria filled brushes on your skin, it is ought to get infected and result into some kind of skin infection. Pimples, rashes and boils of some kinds are at times caused due to dirty makeup products and accessories. Hence it is necessary to clean makeup brushes at least twice in a month.

How to clean makeup brushes?

I clean my brushes after every use and every fortnightly follow a thorough cleaning brush procedure. Cleaning makeup brushes is a simple procedure and once you get used to it you won’t find it tedious as well. Regularly cleaning of brush will also lengthen the life of these makeup accessories and also will keep your skin and makeup products free from bacterias.

Things you will need:

  • Mild soap or Facewash
  • Bowl

  • Water

  • Towel to dry
  • Dirty makeup brushes
 and lots of patience :) :P 

How to clean makeup brushes?

Check you vanity bag for all dirty makeup brushes you have. Even the ones that you use rarely needs cleaning. Hence make it a routine to clean makeup brushes at least once in a month.  

Take a bowl and half fill it with water. Add few drops of mild soap to it; here I used my pears face wash. Dip all the makeup brushes into this mixture, ensuring that the level of water is below the ferrule of the brush. “A ferrule is that metal part of the bush where the wooden handle is joined.” If water goes in to the ferrule the glue may loosen up spoiling your brush, hence you need to take these precautions.
When dipped in water you will see all the dirt and makeup products collected in them start to dissolve in water. Allow it to soak for at least 15 to 20 minutes or till every single bristle of the brush gets properly wet. Soaking also helps the hard stuck products, such as eyeliners and lipsticks to soften, making the further cleaning procedure much easy.

Next you have to squeeze some mild soap on your palm and clean every brush individually but sweeping it in left right position. You will see all the dirt and makeup from the brush on your palm. Keep doing this until you feel the brush is clean. Now dip this brush again in the same bowl. Follow the same procedure for all brushes. Eyeliner brushes take much time to clean as dried liners are bit tedious to remove.
Once you can cleaned all the brushes, throw the dirt filled water and take same amount of clean water and again dip the brushes in it. Keep on stirring the tip of the brush in the water till it becomes clean. Follow this procedure again with clean water if required.
Dirt on palm after cleaning all the brushes
Now that your brushes are clean as new, you have to allow them to dry. Keep some base on a table and place the towel on it. But ensure that one side of the base is lifted up. In short, the towel should be in a slanting position while drying the brushes. This will help all the water in the brush to drip away. Place all the brushes one by one in a line to dry, but, don’t keep it in sun. Remember the shape the brushes in between. Some brushes take just an hour or two to completely dry while others take longer time. Big brushes, such as blush brush and bronzer brushes even take days to dry completely.

Keep the towel in slanting position
But that doesn’t mean they don’t required cleaning. These big brushes are more vulnerable to bacteria. Hence clean them at least once in a month and store them in clean closed boxes.

Hope these tips have helped you. Have a great day.


  1. wow...really detailed the way you are maintaining your brushes...i also wash my brushes regularly,in every 5 days :) what I do,is I wash them with baby shampoo and use a conditioner afterwards...this will help to keep brushes extra soft...oh,also a tip for cleaning brushes in a hurry,try using hand sanitizer.I did it.I take few drops of hand sanitizer in my palm,then roll the brush in it and then wipe it clean with a tissue.....easy peasy :) you now have a clean brush....i did this mainly to my gel liner brushes :)

    1. hey monali, thanks for the suggestion. I clean my liner and eyeshadow brushes on daily basis by wiping it on a wet tissue. I just take a less than half of the wet tissue to clean the brushes. It is not only economical but also leaves behind a fresh fragrance on your brushes.

  2. hi akshata,ya it is very important to apply eye makeup with a clean brush,i never thought about the wet tissue part,silly me ;),however using hand sanitizer and a little piece of tissue is working good for me,but I will give wet tissues a try...I would like to know how you store your brushes,mine rests on my dresser in a semitransparent glass the way,i am loving your blog,now going through your posts...keep this good work on gal....

  3. Thanks a lot dear.. thats so sweet of u.. I keep all my brushes in a pouch. i never keep it in open as they are more prone to dust and germs this way. hence i keep different pouches for my small and big brushes.


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