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Sunday, February 10, 2013

One year…. Time just flies..

Today is my happiest day, ask me why? Well last year on this very same day i.e. 10th of Feb, I got married, and today is our first wedding anniversary. <3

Our’s was a normal arrange marriage but yet quite different from other couples. As such, we know each other for 3 years but we haven’t even been together for more than a year. Yes my husband is a shippie and he sails for nearly 6 months and then stays for around 1-2 months and then goes back to his work. Sounds tuff, na. I know it is indeed difficult to see your husband joining back to work only a month after your wedding and you are left with a family to take care of. 

At the time of marriage, he was not a stranger to me but his family members were. Thinkings, upbringings and emotions don’t always match even though you come from the same culture and religious background and coping with such situations is the toughest part of marriage.

At some moments you just feel helpless, but helping your own self is the only way out. My friends call me married aunty today, well I don’t mind that. But marriage indeed burdens you up with loads of responsibilities and you are hardly left with time for your own self.

Today, one year down the line, I feel it was not as difficult as I thought or may be situations have made me strong enough. Distance has helped me and my Mr Pati bond well. So on this special day, I am publishing the very first poem that I ever wrote on my blog.  
Yes it’s you..
Who makes me fall in love
Again and again
Who's smile makes me
Go crazy

Yes it’s you..
Who made me
Feel what being loved is
Who made me believe
That fights don't always mean an end

Yes it’s you..
Who made me realize
Long distance relations do work
Who made me know
What parting from a loved 1 means

Yes it’s you..
Whose touch
Is all I need
Whose words of love
Is all I miss

Yes it’s you
Who's support
I need all ma life
Whom I remember
Every second of ma life

Yes it’s you.
Who taught me
How love happens
Who made me know
What being possessive means

Yes its u
Who made me know
What being hurt means
What it means
To love sum 1 selflessly

Yes it’s you..
Honey buns..
Who is an integral part of ma life..
Without u...
I just exist...

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