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Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY Waste to Haste attempt- Part 2

I have been making some amendments to my bad clothes collections lately. I don’t have the before picture of this outfit, but I can definitely tell you that my attempt was successful.  My sister had got this tunic for me 2 years back from one of her Bandra shopping haul. But then this tunic was so awfully shaped and so over sized that two people of my size could easily fit in.

She loved the color and thought that I would fit inside it, but her calculation as always went wrong. Well, thanks to my creativity that I made this top wearable.

I don’t have a picture of it’s before look, but can explain you how it looked. It had a polo neck and long balloon sleeves with elastic at the wrist. The waist part also had elastic and looked like a school girls frock.

So first I decided to get off with its polo neck and made it a simple round neck. I also chopped off those appalling long balloon sleeves and made it end at the elbow. Now the elastic at the waist was still making it look ugly. So it opened up the stitches and decided to made the lower skirt start after the bust area. 
To hide the stitches I decided to add some decorative items. The center flower came as brooch with one of my sister’s top. She had never used it so I thought it could be of some help to me. Black and violet goes very well so I decided to get some black crochet lace and make similar flowers. However, the same lace was not available but I got something that could look similar.

The final outcome with black Jacket
You can find online loads of tutorials to make fabric flowers and I made these black and purple flowers using some of those patterns. I attached them one by one of the left out lace and stitched it to the tunic and hurray see how it looks now. Lastly it altered it to fit my size. I was myself not sure that this would turn out to be so beautiful. Only if I did knew then I would have taken its before picture before remodeling it.  

The extra crochet lace used as back belt
The Brooch from my sister's top
Flower made from Crochet lace
Fabric Flower
My sister was so surprised to see what I made from that awful looking gown. I had to wear it someday as I too had loved the color and see now I can wear it. The next time I decide to make any such attempts I did keep in mind to take a picture of the “before look”. Even if the attempts is not successful, I would at least have pictures for my reference.  

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