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Saturday, August 24, 2013

5 Must Consider Organic Skin Care Tips

Organic products are very popular these days! They are popular because Organic Products are made from pure nature extracts and don’t contain chemicals. These products nourish your skin without causing any side effects!

Every lady out there wants to have great skin which not only appears flawless but also feels smooth. We try a variety of products available in the market to get flawless smooth skin – moisturizers, creams, lotions and what not. These days markets have been flooded with anti-aging creams that claim to undo the aging process. But do these products actually work? Think again. What benefits can chemical filled products give your skin in the long run?
Scary right, but it is the fact.
These skin care products available in the market are generally made from complex and synthetic chemicals, which have the potential to cause dangerous side effects, such as hormonal imbalance as well as cancer in some extreme cases and bad skin in the long run for most.
No doubt the synthetic ingredients in these products deliver effective and quick results, at the same time can result in to hazardous long and short term side effects. Hence it is now time to consider Organic Skin Care tips to avoid damage to your skin and body.

Organic Skin Care and their benefits

Organic Products are cultivated without using any kind of chemicals. If you remember Aamir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate’s Episode on Use of pesticides then you might remember why we need to consider organic products. We not only need to eat organic food but should also prefer products made from organic produces.
Organic cosmetic and skin care products are free from synthetic ingredients, chemicals, heavy metals, dyes, as well as carcinogenic substances. They further are offered  on the basis of skin types including oily, dry and combination skin. Make sure to choose brands that offer high quality products that help you suit all seasons.
It is an unfortunate fact that FDA doesn’t regulate natural, pure and safe labels. Even natural toners and cleanser include unsafe chemicals. At times even “Organic Skincare Products” contain chemicals. Therefore, it becomes an essential point to read the labels of skin care product to know whether it is organic or not.

Benefits of using organic products:

  • Safe to use:

Organic products are known to be safe as they don’t include any toxic chemicals; they are prepared with pure organic produces.
  • Gentle on the skin:

The purity of Organic cosmetics ensures that they don’t cause any harm to your skin. Hence people with the sensitive skin type can opt for organic skin care products as they have the potential to reduce irritation caused due to chemicals. These products also aid to develop better skin condition gradually.
  • Nourish skin naturally:

Organic skin care products offer extra nourishment to your skin and keep it fresh and young. They don’t show results as swiftly as regular products but aim to maintain the health and radiance of your skin.

5 Must Consider Organic Skin Care Tips

  • Look for organic cosmetics and personal-care products:

Read the labels of products before buying them. They must include organic ingredients cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic skincare products come with USDA organic seal, look for this seal while making purchases.
Make it a rule to avoid products with difficult to sound words. Ideally organic products contain only a few main ingredients.
  • Follow a simple beauty regime:

Break the myth of using tons of moisturizers, creams, toners and cleansers to have great skin. Just following the cleaner – toner – moisturizer routine and use a sunscreen with a good SPF.
  • Say no to products with fragrance:

A number of skin care products come with varied fragrances in their ingredient list. These products include phthalates that add artificial fragrance. Phthalates have the potential to trigger allergic reactions and are also known to cause damage to your kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.
  • Stay away from petroleum by-products:

It is always recommended to avoid petroleum by-products, which include mineral oils and paraffin. These products hold greater chances of containing carcinogens, which clog pores and obstruct skin’s ability to get rid of waste and toxins. Rather use olive oil to keep your skin smooth and soft.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

The key to healthy skin is healthy lifestyle. Follow a nutritious diet and regularly exercise to stay young and look young. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies will result in healthy radiating skin. After all you are what you eat. Last but not the least drink plenty of water as it flushes out toxins and keeps your skin clear.

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