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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple way to have flawless and radiating skin

Hi, Guys. Today I will be sharing with you people a smart tip to have fair and clean skin in no time. Yes, this face pack cum scrub will help you get rid of spots and tan marks leaving behind fair and flawless skin.

You need not shell in lots of money to have radiating skin, all you need is some easily found ingredients and a container to store it.

Things required:

  • Multani mitti

Multani mitti is an excellent cleanser for your skin as it possesses high absorbent qualities. Being rich in minerals, it improves blood circulation and hence offers a radiant glow to your skin. When applied onto skin in the form of facepack, it absorbs all the dead cells on your skin’s surface and the excess oil generated on your skin.
  •   Milk Powder

Milk powder transmits its whitening powers to your skin when applied as face pack. It is often used as natural form of skin whitening packs.  You must have heard that applying raw milk to your skin given a glowing skin same is with milk powders. Besides imparting fair and glowing skin, milk powder also reduces fines lines formed due to skin ageing.  
  •   Turmeric powder

No food cooked in our country is ever complete without the use of turmeric. Turmeric powder has a number of uses. In addition to its curative powers, turmeric powder has a host of beauty benefits also. Turmeric not only reduces skin pigmentation but also evens out your skin tone. It also effectively condenses the appearance of acne and other ageing marks. It is ideal to be used as body scrub to reduce stretch marks.

  • Container

The container is used to store the mixture of three powders.

How to make this pack?

Mix equal quantities of Multani mitti and milk powder. If you have very oily skin then keep the proportion of milk powder little less than multani mitti. For 4 teaspoons of both; Multani mitti and milk powder; add a pinch of turmeric powder and blend it properly.  Store this mixture in a container and keep it in your bathroom.
Now you can use it as a scrub or facepack, the choice is yours. Apply it on to your face by mixing it with water before having bath and once it starts to harden massage it on to your face as a scrub.  I find this method to be Ideal. What is your take on this.


  1. hey akshata thanks for sharing such an wonderful no more spending thousands in parlours... ;)

  2. Thnks a lot dear. This has really worked do try it.


Thanks for Going through the post. I Hope this was helpful

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