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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something About Me...

I am a Simple and talkative Cancerian, with obviously prominent qualities of the sun sign. I am shy at times bold and at all times happy. I believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Having pursed a Degree in journalism, I work as a writer. Well, writing is something I really love apart from my other passions, such as travelling, reading novels, listening to music, photography, and lots more. 

If I were not a Writer, I would have been a Fashion designer. I simply love to design clothes for myself, which is do in my spare time. Besides, I have a strong liking to shop, shop and only shop. I love to shop from malls, Streets, local shops and from any place, which offer you best stuffs for low price. The term “Sale” simply makes me go crazy.

These days, my newly found interest is for cosmetics. Though, I always was found of eye makeup, lately I am splurging on various other cosmetics as well. Thanks to my lil’ sis who taught me how to apply blush and many more products :P

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are free to share your doubts or ask queries to me, I would to help you out.  

I am also open to writing product review and advertising products, PR Professionals can contact me at

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