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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Miracle hair oil to prevent hair fall

With my earlier post you must have got a clear idea as to why do we lose hair and why is it normal to lose hair? But that doesn’t mean that you will stop taking care of your hair or stop pampering it.

Hair needs to be oiled, washed and conditioned on regular basis. If you are busy enough to wash your hair daily or on alternate days make sure that you at least wash them twice in a week. This will keep your scalp clean and free from dust and pollution at the same time promotes healthy growth of your hair.   

This is not all enough, you need to concentrate on your diet and have balanced diet on regular basis. Besides this you must stay away from stress and have adequate sleep to have healthy mane.

Today I will be sharing with you miracle oil, which I have been using for the last one year and have gained immense benefit since then. Though I have very oily skin, my curly or say wavy hair (which it looks now because of the various chemical procedures they have gone through) looks dry and lifeless.

Moreover, the torture that my mane has gone through has effected it natural growing ability. Even after months and months of haircut the length of my hair looked the same (may be due to its curly texture). It was just so annoying. A cousin of mine introduced me to this oil which is known to have a number of beauty benefits and one of it included accelerating hair growth.

This Miracle hair oil is nothing but “ Castor oil”. Yes my friends, castor oil will give you beautiful healthy locks after regular usage. It is easily available with chemists and that too for a meager price, unlike other expensive oils that offer you same benefits.

Castor oil is very thick in consistency hence must be applied only to your scalp and not on the ends. The only reason to follow this technique is that the oils thick consistency might be very difficult to wash off.

Another easy way of using this oil is by mixing it with your regular oil, such as coconut oil, amla oil and so on. Mix both the oil in half quantities and keep it in a container. Apply it on your hair the night before you will be washing your hair. Regular usage will give you notable results.

Note: You must also work on your diet intake and other factors affecting hair loss at the same time to see noticeable improvement in your hair growth and texture.   

If you have oily scalp, then make the mixture of the oil more diluted by adding ¾ % of your regular oil and ¼ or even less of castor oil. You can also pamper yourself with a hot oil massage using this mixture. You just have to heat the oil before massaging it on to your scalp.

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