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Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY haste from waste attempt!!

All my fellow bloggers who have been religiously reading my blogs must have got an idea that I have a keen interest in writing beauty blogs and giving DIY tips. 

For those who don’t know me, must be surprised to know that I have keen interest in designing clothes as well. If I were not a writer then I would have been a fashion designer. I always aspire of becoming a designer and own a boutique. Well I hope and keep the determination to fulfill this dream of mine some day.
Whenever I get spare time, I sit down to design something for myself and my sister. I have remodeled some of my old stuffs to give it an all new look.   

My today’s blog would be on entirely a different line altogether i.e remodeling an old denim. I have made 2 bags from 2 of my old denims, actually 3 one I made for a good friend. After having reaching on the internet on what all things can be made from old denims?
Well the world seems to have too many DIY tailors, who are generous enough to give in tips and tricks to make various things out of denim. Off all what interested me the most was jackets and vests made of old denims.

I love wearing vests a lot, hence I wanted to make one for myself.  Since this was my first attempt, I didn’t think I would come out right. So I didn’t take any step by step pictures of it. The final product was simply something that I had never thought of.

I made in all 2 vests which can be teamed with both casuals and semi formals.

Here are the pictures of my “DIY haste from waste attempt”

I hope you guys liked them. The next time I make any such attempt I will surely take pictures of how I made them. 

Have you ever made any such DIY attempts. If yes, do feel free to share your ideas with me. 

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