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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Organic Skin Care regime

Our skin has an ability to absorb everything that it comes in contact with. Even the harshest chemicals and best of natural products, everything gets absorbed into your skin. Hence its you who have to decide what needs to be applied to your skin and what not. 
So before you apply any cosmetics read what it contains. All your lotions, deodorants, and personal care products can contain all sorts of pollutants that you won’t want in your body. So make a habit of reading the ingredient list of every product you buy, be it a skin care product or food. The brands may say that chemical constituency in these products may be minute, but prolonged use of them can cause dangerous effect on your health.

Here are few tips that will give you younger and healthier glow by incorporating them in your daily beauty routine:

  • Never sleep with the makeup on. Ensure that every bit of makeup and kajal is removed from your face before retiring to the bed.
  • Prefer clean towel and pillow covers. The dirt and germs from these dirty stuffs can lead  to acne and other skin problems.
  • Dry skinned beauties must keep distance from astringents.
  • Oily skinned people don’t need to be afraid of using soaps.
  • Never wash off cold creams with water. Instead take it off with tissues and then splash cold water on your face. Then pat your face using a dry towel.
  • Make it a habit to take plenty of liquids throughout the day, be it water or juices. This will help to flush out harmful chemicals from your body and keep your skin free of acne.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle that includes 8 hours of sleep and regular exercise and yoga.
  • Have a balanced diet with proper amount of nutrition.
  • Facial beauty is a mirror of your internal health. Your digestive and bodily organs need to be healthy to provide the necessary nutrients to the skin and maintain its wear and tear.

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