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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guide to prevent hairfall

Hair is one of the most essential parts of one’s beauty. Even a minor change in your hair style or a new hair cut can bring a drastic change in your looks. This fact is more applicable to females as they cannot compromise with their look at any cost. They can spend fortunes to look beautiful and maintain it. Considering this, a number of beauty products and therapies are available in the market, which promises to give you strong and healthy hair.

But the concerning fact is that these products have chemicals, which can be equally harmful to your hair. It is better to consider natural products to prevent hair fall instead of trying expensive chemical based parlour treatments.

Hair fall is a major problem that almost every one experiences. You lose hair due to various reasons, some of which include pollution, improper diet, use of chemicals, hormonal changes and so on. You must take into consideration all the factors that lead to hair fall, only then you can prevent further loss of hair.

Here are some easy tips that can be tried at home to prevent hair fall.

  • Hot oil treatments:

Oiling your scalp with warm oil can serve as a best reedy to prevent hair fall. Warm any oil that you prefer, be it coconut, olive or any other oil. Remember you just have to heat it enough that it becomes warm not too hot. Massage this oil gently into your scalp using finger tips. Ensure that you apply oil to every part of your head evenly. Wrap a towel immersed in warm water on your head and leave it on for an hour. Now you can shampoo your hair.

  • Homemade Natural potions:

Natural products always benefit you hair and body as they don’t include any harmful chemicals. Use stuffs from your kitchen and garden to prevent hair fall. Extract juices from garlic, onion, Aloe Vera, lemon or ginger and rub it onto your scalp. Leave it for overnight and wash off thoroughly next morning. These natural potions help to tackle hair fall issues without leaving behind any trails of side effects.

  • Head massages:

Head massages stimulate circulation of blood in the scalp. Good blood circulation keeps your hair follicles active. Hence it is recommended to massage your scalp daily for few minutes. Massage your scalp with few drops of lavender or almond oil.

  • Meditation:

Meditation relives your mind and soul from stress. Accept it or not, the major cause of hair loss is stress and tension. The best way to prevent hair fall is to meditate as frequently as you can. Meditation assists in reducing stress and restores hormonal balance that result in hair loss.

  • Homemade hair packs:

Another natural way of preventing hair loss is making use of homemade hair packs.  Packs made from henna, fenugreek seeds, banana and Aloevera serves as an effective home remedy for all hair woes.

  • Avoid hot hair bath:

Always wash your hair with cold water. If you find it difficult to bath with cold water then use luke warm   water. Never use hot water to wash your hair. It damages your hair follicles and makes it more vulnerable to damages. Also avoid combing wet hair as it is more prone to breakage.  

  • Have a protein rich diet:

Only following the above tips will give you no benefits. You also need to pay attention to what you eat. Having a healthy protein rich diet aids growth of hair and improves the overall strength of hair. Include legumes, veggies and fruits in your daily diet that will infuse healthy growth of hair.

Following these tips will surely help you tackle all hair problems and also prevent further hair fall.
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