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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loving My New pumps!!

My lovely booties
You must have seen the pictures of my cute looking pumps already from my previous haul post. I am loving them to the core, so I decided to share an exclusive post on them.

Whites have always been my favorite color and most of the times all my shopping ends up with whites. They just make me want more and more of them. :D I had a white pump, which I brought a year back but became dirty with all the stampings in the crowded train travel. L Last week I cleaned it using Ala, it looks better now though not brand new.

As I told you, I have got this new craze for crochets and lace items and everywhere I just look out for them. I have also made a top and jacket out of a lace piece I had. I will soon write a post on it.

Coming back to my pumps, the white one is my favorite for obvious reasons. It looks so lovely that anyone is sure to fall in love with it at first sight. :D <3 It looks more or less like loafers with the lace front. Looks great as a trendy formal wear. 

They are very comfortable as well

The brown shoes are ballerina types. I love the corduroy type material that is used to make the shoes. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause any nasty shoe bites.  The local street stuffs always give me shoe bites creating scars on my feet. How I hate it? 
I loved the cute bow on it. There were I all 5 colors in this type but only brown one could fit me. Rest all were sold out. I have the smallest feet I suppose. There are so many nice stuffs from big brands that don’t fit me. Even their smallest size is big for my feet. But I have an advantage that I don’t have to share my footwear with anyone at least, as most people I know have bigger feet. :D:D

love the thread detailing at the edges
looks great on my tiny feet, doesnt it?

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