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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ooh no!!! shopping again..

My last shopping excitement gave me fever, so in order to get well, I decided to shop again. Just a little bit, but this bit was ended up with pretty lump sum amount. Well, that is why we earn it right. No matter, how much I decide to save money I end up shopping beyond the expected amount. :( :( How sad?
Anyways, friends this is going to be a heavy picture post, So the ones with weak heart are suggested not to go ahead. :P

Clothing haul :D

This time I went for some street shopping. So here’s what all I got. Most of the tunic tops came with belts. Well I know that looks cool, but somehow this trend doesn’t get into my mind. So I just wear the tunics minus the belts.
White and Blue floral tunic

This White and Blue floral tunic had belt made of same material. Wearing the belt doesn’t even make it visible enough. I would have appreciated if the belt was of blue or white color.

Dark voilet and pink Tunic

This is my favorite of the lot. The pink detailing on the dark violet tunic just stands out. Even this top has a belt but it’s of pink color.  Instead of wearing it around the waist, it tie the belt on the back and make a cute big bow. :D How I love the way it looks? The sleeves are long and have a cute fabric button. (as shown in the picture)

Another floral tunic shirt with braided belt
I loved the colorful flowers in this shirt. It is a great formal cum casual wear. I also liked the braided belt but its loop is located little below the waist area, which doesn’t look good to me. I will instead use this belt for trousers.
Light Lavender colored tunic shirt

The lace detailing on the front shoulder and cuffs
My sister says this looks like a night wear, but I love this color.  Also these days I am getting extravagantly crazy about my lace and crochet. This top had lace detailing, so I brought this.  The material is extremely soft and light and is a sheer fabric.
Black Mall Cotton top
I love mall cotton items. They are soft and smooth on your skin, especially during summers. I took it as a match for a new lace skirt that I made. But later on I realized the top has white flowers, whereas my skirt is of cream color. Bad, it doesn’t match. But still I can wear it as a top over jeans. 
Finally, the most desired White Shirt

I was dying to get a white shirt for quite some time. Something like Kareena wore in the “Bhare Naina” in Ra One. Not the same but I got something in similar line. I feel so glad to have it.  I also got two pumps. Both are equally cute and cost just 150 bucks. Great isn’t it?

Again, I brought this white pump for its lace detailing. Seems I have gone crazy. But cant help. :D
See the lovely lace detailings

The brown one has a cute bow and is very comfortable to wear. It was available in various colors, but unfortunately only the brown one was of my size. Rest all sold. Never mind, its equally good. :D

Loved the cute bow <3

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