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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shopping Fever…!!!

I know haven’t posted anything, since last week. Well, the culprit is the changing climate and my bad immune system. I got cold so badly that it ended up with fever. Aarghhhhh, how I hate getting ill and lying on my bed? But I had no option but take rest, if I wanted to be back on my heels soon.
This all started with my shopping excitement. Last week, after 2 long months I finally went to do some shopping. Somehow I started to feel that I dint have good, actually, new clothes to wear to office.  Previously, this used to happen every month, but this time after two months.  
I thought of getting some kurti’s from Biba, but suddenly my eyes fell on the banner saying “ Sale”. Someone has rightly said that “women” and “sale” have strange connection, that same connection clicked inside me and without any second thought I treaded towards the “Globus” store. So far  had never liked the collection Globus had and even today I had a feeling that I will just have a look and then go to Biba to shop.

Globus really has awful collection and no doubt the store was offering 30% discount and “buy one get one free” offer. This will at least help them get rid of their old stock and get in something new. :D
2 kurtis in tshirt material
I asked the sales guy, if they had kurtis and he pointed me towards a section saying ‘if you buy one you get other for free’. As if I seem like a dumb. “Idiot, I read that outside”, I thought to myself. Eww, not a single one from the collection could please me even an inch. Every part of me wanted to shout, ‘Globus, get a life why don’t u get in some sensible stuffs.’ 
lovely tops
I was about to get out the store, until my eyes fell on a section near the door. As I was having a look at it, the SA said, ‘Maam, isme 70% off hai.’ Bas and I was like “70% or 7%. Aisa bhi kuch hota hai kya.” I was damn sure that when their new collection was so awful then this would be vulnerable. Never mind even if I get one top at such high discount it would mean a lot to me. 
Tops I got fr my sister.. I just loved the Red Top
Guys I was proved wrong. This old stuffs indeed have few stuffs that I liked or may be the 70% discount thing made me like it. Anyways, they were not bad. Two of the tops I liked the most were of XS size and I couldn’t even dream to get inside it. Suddenly, I started to feel that I should have been thinner. Well, if not me then my sister could very well fit in them.
Beautiful Lace detailing on the red top's shoulder
And she has been annoying me since long for her birthday gift, and what a great chance to convince her at such a low price. :P The evil inside me couldn’t stop smiling or say laughing. Finally at the billing counter I was feeling so proud to get 6 tops in all that too in 2k. The best part was all of them were priced over 1k and I got 6 for less than half the price.    
This is a one shoulder top with a half lining. the lining was attached to the top but i removed it off.. now it can also be used as a slip
The excitement of getting them was so high that next day I was high on fever.  I wanted to post this the very same day but unfortunately had to delay it for a week. So my dearies, you might also have such wow moments in your life, do share with me..  till then good bye.. lots of love..  

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