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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exploring my Creative ideas to make something new

I saw this lace curtain at my home and had a feeling that it could have been made into something better.  All I could think of was the beautiful lace dresses and skirts I see in Pinterest. I wanted to make one out of it. Unfortunately, I never had enough time to make.

Last week, my fever kept me stranded at home and this was the best way I used my free time.

See what I made..

A tunic top with boat neck:

The boat neck is usually the safest types of neck designs you can have and I love it. you can always be relieved from the fear of any unnecessary things peeping out of our dresses and bend anywhere without any fear. :D 

Back of the tunic
I have added a small loop at the back of it just as a detail.

Lace Jacket with corduroy lining:

The jacket I used as pattern. Pretty na!1
I had a lace jacket already and created this one using its pattern but making few changes. I used my old Corduroy capris, which couldn’t fit me anymore, for the inner lining. You can wear it in both the side, great isn’t it?

Lace Skirt:

I always wanted a lace skirt, so here it is. I made one for myself. Yeah!!

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