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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Summers are here

Hey all my fellow bloggers and friends, its been a long time since I wrote something. I recently changed my job hence couldn't extract time to blog. Also my Mr. Husband came back after his long sail, naturally I would spend my spare time with him instead of blogging. Last month was all full of new beginnings and start to my life and I enjoyed it the fullest.

Me and Mr. Husband went for our first vacation after this sail to Matheran and shopped a little bit. However, some future plannings have kept our expenses binded. Well that's not a concern, the real concern is the hot climate. Arrrrghhhhh, how I hate summers. :-X :-X:-X:-X

You have to wear the lightest clothes you ever own and yet guard yourself from the scorching sun. The sun seems to be getting cruel and crueler with each passing day. The worst part is during summers my skin is at its worst. It gets oily after every hour and nothing works on it. Neither any primer nor any home remedy. Hence I avoid wearing any makeup on my skin. Even my best of liners run down my eyes within few hours. This is another reason that I have not been doing any EOTDs for now.

I just apply my tinted sunscreen from Lotus and my very favourite Tips and Toes gel liner and my lipstick light handedly for office. All my desires to use my favorite eye shadows gets mellowed down with the summer heat:-(. Anyways what do you do for summers any special routine. I would love to learn things from you

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