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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thanks to all my readers!!

Hey all my sweetie pies..

I know that I have been posting after a very long time, say more than 4 months. But, I couldn't manage to pull out time to update my blog. Anyways, Today I am happy to announce that even after not making a single update on my blog I get around 200 visitors per day. All this with out even optimising my blog or making any efforts to get readers. Doesn't that sound great! 

Well, If Your's is a well established blog then you might be getting better number of visitors. But for a starter like me, this is also a great achievement. Hope the numbers keep growing.

I was very much sure that not updating my blog page for 4 months will definitely affect my readership. But to my surprise, it was getting readers from Google  Well so I thought of writing a thank you post to all my readers. To be frank, Guys I am motivated all again to write, review and share in a full swing.

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