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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gold and copper festive eye makeup

I hope you guys liked my previous eye makeup tutorial on Smokey eyes. This time I have a festive eye makeup tutorial for you. Well, sorry again, I don’t have pictures to support my tutorial. But I will try to be as descriptive as possible to make it easy for you.

Things you will need

How to make Gold and copper festive eye makeup

  • Start with clean face and apply a foundation base all over your face. I have used Lakme Perfect Radiance Foundation. Prime your eyes; I have used my newly brought Bourjois Eye primer.
  • This primer can be used all over the face as well. It creates a soft base and makes makeup application easier at the same time improves its staying power.
  • Now apply Maybelline color tattoo in Bold Gold in the inner V of the eyes. Use fingers or brush which ever you prefer.
Eyeshadows used
  • Line the crease area with VoV eyshadow.
  • Now you have to blend it all.
  • While blending, extend the eye shadow towards the brow bone. You can use a highlighter if desired. I decided to skip it.
  • Now tightline the eyes and line the upper lash line with brown shade from Maybelline Eyestudio Drama swirl liner in Brown and Gold. You can use black liner also. I preferred brown because it will highlight the eyeshadows.
TADAAAA!!!!.. It’s done. So do you have any doubts you can very well write to me. I will be glad to help you.


  1. Hi... I have been regularly following your blog..!! and I must admit that its has been very useful! Even I am very fond of eye makeup but always ended up creating a mess.. :( your blogpost on smokey eyes... and this one proved really helpful..
    Awaiting more such tutorials! :*

    1. Hey thanks... Practise is the key to perfect eye makeup.. Take your spare time to practise the art of blending eye shadows.. Surely will write more such tuts


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